Dr. Sheridan's TeamVolunteers are the lifeblood of the KidSMILES Pediatric Dental Clinic. Our unique operating model enables us to charge only $10 per patient visit but it requires the support and dedication of many volunteers.

Are you interested in helping in one of these ways?

  • Performing dentistry at the KidSMILES clinic
  • Providing administrative support to the clinic
  • Talking to small groups of preschoolers about the importance of good oral health
  • Presenting to large rooms full of elementary school students to teach strong dental habits
  • Helping during a fundraising event (finding sponsors, picking up supplies, working the day of the event)

If so, call 614-458-1711 or click the related link below:

Clinic Volunteers (info@kidsmilesclinic.com)
Educational Outreach and Fundraising Event Volunteers (lzuber@kidsmilesclinic.com)

Volunteer Forms

All KidSMILES volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer form prior to engaging in any volunteer activity.

Clinic Volunteers

To ensure patient safety and to meet the requirements of the state of Ohio, KidSMILES clinic volunteers must provide several additional pieces of documentation and credentials prior to their first volunteer day


Volunteer Connection Logo

Dental Hygienists:

Dental Assistants/EFDAs:

Dental Students/Sterilization Techs:

To submit these documents, you may:



Scan and E-mail:



770 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH 43214

Please call 614-458-1711 if you have any questions about these forms. Thank you for your time and support!

KidSMILES Pediatric Dental Clinic

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